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Hi all.
I searched in google but never got proper info about GridControl.
Can any one help me to know about GridControl.
If the GridConttrol is Third Party Control how to get it in MFC Dialog-based Application. Does any .dll or .lib fils have to be inserted in vs2005.

Updated 7-Mar-11 20:14pm

If you used CGridcontrol for dialog based application in mfc then you should add all grid files in currrent project folder.

and #include "GridCtrl.h"

will give the reference to CGridCtrl object.

for more information please see

Grid control example

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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The grid control is a ActiveX Component. To add this to your dialog window just right click on dialog window , then select "insert ActiveX Control" then select a grid type from your dialog box for example componentOne Flexgrid8.0.

I hope this will help you.
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It is a ActiveX Component and msflxgrd.ocx file is reponsible for grid related operations which is provided by Microsoft.

To get it in MFC Dialogbased Application, you should register msflxgrd.ocx correctly, you can do this with regsvr32 utility tool. And then right-click the dialog you want to add an msflexgird control, select “Insert ActiveX control” from the popped menu, then the “Insert ActiveX control” dialog opens, select from the ActiveX control list what you’d like to add.
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[no name] 8-Mar-11 1:11am    
Please explain above more in detail.
MFC grid control is derived from CWIND class
First, some of the smaller improvements
I gave the grid a new and improved drop list control. The previous version of the drop list seemed to work "clunky". It just didn't seem to flow "seamlessly" with the grid. The improved drop list works seamless with the grid, but more importantly, notice that the background color of the drop list now matches that of the grid. This helps the droplets integrate nicely with the grid, and makes the entire control look more like a single object.
The grid desperately needed check boxes. So I gave it check boxes for BOOLEAN data that might want to be displayed. Notice how the check boxes also integrate seamlessly into the grid, the grid finally looks like its one complete control, not a control that has other controls placed on top of it
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