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what is the main difference between inheritance and thread
Very bad! My 1.
Practically all the questions "What is the difference between {0} and {1}" are completely incorrect.
Is that a school question? If so, leave such school :-)

1 solution

I guess the main difference is that one is inheritance and one is a thread.

Inheritance is a design concept (from Wiki)
"In classical inheritance where objects are defined by classes, classes can inherit other classes. The new classes, known as subclasses (or derived classes), inherit attributes and behavior of the pre-existing classes, which are referred to as superclasses (or ancestor classes)"

A thread happens during code execution (from Wiki)
a thread of execution is the smallest unit of processing that can be scheduled by an operating system, it generally results from a fork of a computer program into two or more concurrently running tasks

Basically, they have nothing to do with each other in the slightest!
Dylan, this is all good, but answering such questions in principle is the way to put yourself in cumbersome situation if first place. I appreciate you humor though.
I think we need just to remove such questions, for everyone's good, including OP's. Normal OP should take the hint and post another question later.

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