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I want to install the VS 2010 Pro onmy computer and the setup hangs on the second page (on the contract page).

My mouse pointer changes quickly (as it is loading something) and setup.exe takes 100% of CPU.

I can't validate the contract and continue.

I have to kill the setup process.

What could it be ?

How can I install VS 2010 ?

Thank you.

This[^] discussion may help.
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It is depends on many aspects.

- Did your machine comply with the minimum requirement of the VS 2010?
- Did you check any other process or application running behind the scene?
- Did you checked the setup logs? It would be in the Temp directory of your Windows. You can go to Temp directory by Start -> Run and type %TEMP%. You could find files respect to the VS 2010 setup.

I suggest you to visit MSDN Forums for VS 2010 Installation. You would get more help from there.
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ycorre 9-Mar-11 22:27pm    
My machine has the minimum requirements.
For your information, VS 2008 is already installed.
None process is running behind the scene.
Setup logs ?
Where it is ?

Ok, I see the logs.
But I can't understand...
There is 3 files dd_install_vs_procore_100.txt, dd_depcheck_VS_PRO_100.txt and useventlog.txt

Here the end of the first log :
[03/09/11,22:25:47] VS70pgui: Entered OnShowWindow method
[03/09/11,22:25:47] VS70pgui: Entered OnClickedAccept method
[03/09/11,22:25:47] EULA_Accept: 0x0
[03/09/11,22:25:47] vs70uimgr: CUIMgr::ThreadUI(): Finished setting Current Page & Header visibility
[03/09/11,22:25:47] vs70uimgr: CUIMgr::ThreadUI(): Releasing the Waiting dialog
[03/09/11,22:25:47] Setup.exe: GetGlobalCustomProperty - Property: DF8FF64A-1967-4871-9E32-CA2F819BAB81 - PropertyName: HWNDForLoadingDialog - Value: 2426110
[03/09/11,22:25:47] Setup.exe: WaitForUserDuringLoad()
[03/09/11,22:25:47] Setup.exe: GetGlobalCustomProperty - Property: {BCC78D7A-89AE-11D2-AF03-00C04F797FB8} - PropertyName: Post Reboot State - Value: 0
[03/09/11,22:25:48] Welcome_Next:
[03/09/11,22:25:48] Setup.exe: AddGlobalCustomProperty
[03/09/11,22:25:48] Setup.exe: GetGlobalCustomProperty - Property: {B6A2A114-D198-4CAB-A5CE-90FBF51002F6} - PropertyName: Send UX - Value: 0
[03/09/11,22:25:49] Setup.exe: HasWelcomePage()
[03/09/11,22:25:49] VS70pgui: Entered OnClickedAccept method
[03/09/11,22:25:49] EULA_Accept: 0x0
[03/09/11,22:25:49] Setup.exe: CCoreEngine-Proc() - Finished Main Message Loop
[03/09/11,22:25:54] VS70pgui: Entered OnClickedAccept method
[03/09/11,22:25:54] EULA_Accept: 0x1

But I can't see in this log anything can helps me...

If nobody has this problem I'll ask to MS-forum.

Thank you anyway.
Venkatesh Mookkan 9-Mar-11 22:31pm    
Updated the answer.

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