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hi friends,

in my program datagrid, i add a template column

xmal -
<my:datagrid.columns xmlns:my="#unknown">

    <my:datagridtemplatecolumn header="Status" width="110">
                <wrappanel name="DG_warpPanel">
                    <Button Width="50" Height="30" Name="DG_btn_Upload" Click="DG_btn_Upload_Click">
                        <Image Width="50" Height="26" Source="Image/Tick.png" />
                    <Button Width="50" Height="30" Name="Dg_btn_Remove" Click="Dg_btn_Remove_Click">
                        <Image Width="50" Height="26" Source="Image/delete.png" />

c# code -
dataGrid1.DataContext = from re in MainWindow.mcsEntity.mcs_image
                             where re.mcs_Image_Code == txt_Code.Text
                             select new
                                 Id = re.mcs_Image_Id,
                                 Image = re.mcs_Image_Image,
                                 Location = re.mcs_Image_LocationMap

now it give the output

Status | Id | Image | Location.

but i want Id | Image | Location | Status

I saw one propriety Display Index,. how to set this,.

so give me any idea,.
Updated 9-Mar-11 19:15pm

You need to add four textboxes in your datatemplate.
<Stackpanel Orientation="Horizontal">
<TextBox Text ="{Binding Status}"/>
<TextBox Text = "{Binding Id}"/>
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Sagotharan Jagadeeswaran 10-Mar-11 3:29am    
i try that,. but i cant get the row value,. so only i switch to old code.

do you know how set the display index?.
Sagotharan Jagadeeswaran 11-Mar-11 1:19am    
i find the solution., thank u.
I try to get help for my problem. but wpf experts not give me the solution.(All are so busy?).

I try and find the solution. i hope this code help who have the same problem in wpf datagrid.

 if (columnCount == 4)
     dataGrid1.Columns[0].DisplayIndex = 3;
     dataGrid1.Columns[1].DisplayIndex = 0;
     dataGrid1.Columns[2].DisplayIndex = 1;
     dataGrid1.Columns[3].DisplayIndex = 2;

thank u very much.
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