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I have a pivot sql (transform) in access database which retrieves working data from a table to show pivotly. And the command is:
TRANSFORM iif(isnull(count([tb_working_info].[working_state])),'0','count([tb_working_info].[working_state])')  AS [status] SELECT ([tb_employee].[emp_name]+' '+[tb_employee].[emp_lastname]) AS Name FROM (([tb_project] RIGHT outer JOIN [tb_employee] ON [tb_project].[pro_id] = [tb_employee].[emp_pro_id]) LEFT JOIN tb_working_info ON [tb_employee].[emp_id] = [tb_working_info].[emp_id]) where   [tb_working_info].[working_date] between #26/11/2010# and #25/12/2010# and [tb_employee].emp_startworking <=#25/12/2010# and [tb_employee].emp_status='work' GROUP BY [tb_employee].[emp_name], [tb_employee].[emp_lastname], [tb_project].[pro_name] order by [tb_employee].[emp_name]  PIVOT Format([tb_working_info].[working_date],'d') in ('26','27','28','29','30','31','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9','10','11','12','13','14','15','16','17','18','19','20','21','22','23','24','25')

Then, I will get data which are the amount of "working_state" in each day to show.

But, can I change "count([tb_working_info].[working_state])" to be just "[tb_working_info].[working_state]" in order to show the value of [tb_working_info].[working_state]" instead? Or how can I do another way to get the result like this?

Thank you.
Updated 13-Mar-11 16:32pm
OriginalGriff 10-Mar-11 3:15am    
I was going to "Improve Question" for you, with a code block to preserve the formatting, and make the question a lot more readble.
Then I found there *is* no formatting...
Edit you question, and break the statement up into indented lines so you (and we!)can see what is going on.
At the moment, it is a mess of Joins, brackets, and so forth that I for one am not going to wade through to check!
Dalek Dave 10-Mar-11 3:32am    
This question is virtually unreadable, so probably unanswerable.
Evolve or Die!
jack_th 13-Mar-11 22:25pm    
Thank,sir. I will do that(improve it).

1 solution

Before you make pivot table, try to create correct SELECT query with COUNT function.
You don't need to add iif function, COUNT function will count records for each working_state.
SELECT [tb_working_info].[working_state] AS [state_name], COUNT([tb_working_info].[working_state]) AS [state_count], ([tb_employee].[emp_name]+' '+[tb_employee].[emp_lastname]) AS [Employee_Name]
FROM (([tb_project] RIGHT outer JOIN [tb_employee] ON [tb_project].[pro_id] = [tb_employee].[emp_pro_id])
LEFT JOIN tb_working_info ON [tb_employee].[emp_id] = [tb_working_info].[emp_id])
WHERE   [tb_working_info].[working_date] between #26/11/2010# and #25/12/2010# and [tb_employee].emp_startworking <=#25/12/2010# and [tb_employee].emp_status='work'
GROUP BY [tb_working_info].[working_state], [tb_employee].[emp_name], [tb_employee].[emp_lastname], [tb_project].[pro_name]
ORDER BY [tb_working_info].[working_state], [tb_employee].[emp_name]

I hope it is helpful.
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