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I have two tables,
first one is "tbl_login" which contains two columns "userid' and "name" (both are varchar fields)
second one is "tbl_leave" which conatins three columns "userid","fromdate","duration" (all are varchar fields)
for example
tbl_login :
userid name
001 abcd
002 defc
userid 		fromdate 		duration
001 		2011/03/08 	2 days
002		2011/03/28 	5 days

i want a query to display like this

here name of user with id 001 have on leave from 08/03/2011 for 2days
so when i login on 09/03/2011,it shos like this following
userid		name           status
001		 abcd 	  absent
002 		 defc 	  present

because "abcd" is on leave and defc is on not leave
and when today=29/03/2011
its will show like

userid		name           status
001		 abcd 	  present
002 		 defc 	 absent

because defc is on leave from 28/03/2011 for 5 days

i dont know if its possible or not,if it is possible
please help me

This could be done using a stored procedure and using an if statement.

This should help:
you can use if DateDiff(day, fromdate, sysdate) > 0 then return "absent" else return "present"
You should specify ur fromdate field as datetime type.. try it out..
kishore Rajendran 10-Mar-11 4:58am
fromdate is a datetime field
Would this work?
select tbl_login.userid,,
         when getdate() between tbl_leave.fromdate and dateadd(day,tbl_leave.duration-1,tbl_leave.fromdate) then 'absent'
         else 'present'
       end as ststus
from   tbl_login
join   tbl_leave on tbl_leave.userid=tbl_login.userid

- use left join ( tbl_leave may not have data for all users)
- tbl_leave.duration is (must be) a int, if not you must convert it to an int
kishore Rajendran 10-Mar-11 6:51am
see duration is like '2days','Half Day','Full Day' etc
so we cant cast it to int
this wont work

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