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Here is the code it pops up when clicked on the button but does not accept input as password but in text format only.

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
Dim PassWord As String

   PassWord = InputBox("Enter password")

   If PassWord = "welcome@123" Then
      ' Open Form
      DoCmd.OpenForm "add/update tables form"
      MsgBox ("You're not authorized - now exiting")
      DoCmd.Close acForm, "add/update tables form"
      End If

      End Sub
Updated 10-Mar-11 0:26am

sairam.bhat 10-Mar-11 5:42am
good ans
Maciej Los 21-Nov-11 16:09pm
Access <> Excel. Forms in MS Access are differ from these in MS Excel. Take a look at my solution.
This might help you
TextBox1.PasswordChar = "*"
Maciej Los 21-Nov-11 16:12pm
In MS Acces textBox'es have not PasswordChar property. They have Mask property, which can be set to PASSWORD.
As you said, you can't set PasswordChar for InputBox.
You need to build own userform (form in MS Access a'ka dialog window) with TextBox which can accept PasswordChar (Mask=Password). Remember to set some properties for form:
Popup = True,
Modal = True,
if you would like to have dialog-modal form (window).

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