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I wont to protect our site only pages not all the site but when i protect through webconfig file then its protect my domain i.e when browse my site then ask password that i don't wont here i place our code which i use webconfig file

<authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms loginUrl="~/upload/Default.aspx">
    br mode="hold" />    <authorization>
      <deny users="?">
    br mode="hold" /></deny></authorization></authentication>

and my Default page code is
protected void Login1_Authenticate(object sender, System.Web.UI.WebControls.AuthenticateEventArgs e)
     string username;
     string pwd;
     string CurrentUser = "";
     string CurrentPwd = "";
     bool LoginStatus = false;
     username = Login1.UserName;
     pwd = Login1.Password;
     XmlDocument xd = new XmlDocument();
     XmlNodeList xnl = xd.GetElementsByTagName("User");
     foreach (XmlNode xn in xnl)
         XmlNodeList cxnl = xn.ChildNodes;
         foreach (XmlNode cxn in cxnl)
             if (cxn.Name == "username")
                 if (cxn.InnerText == username)
                     CurrentUser = username;
             if (cxn.Name == "password")
                 if (cxn.InnerText == pwd)
                     CurrentPwd = pwd;
         if ((CurrentUser != "") & (CurrentPwd != ""))
             LoginStatus = true;
     if (LoginStatus == true)
         Session["UserAuthentication"] = username;
        Session.Timeout = 1;
         FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(username, true);
     // Response.Redirect("upload.aspx");
         Session["UserAuthentication"] = "";
Updated 10-Mar-11 20:52pm
Albin Abel 11-Mar-11 1:29am
how you want to protect a particular page? Say if user want to access a page then it ask for use name and password? Is it for every time or once in a session. Clearly explain your problem, then you have more chances of getting the answer
vineesha 11-Mar-11 3:50am
In my site has a intro that is the index page but after protected pages it is not working.

1 solution

use the following approach

<location path="<the path you want to bypass authentication>">
                <allow users="*"/>

in the web.config file
vineesha 11-Mar-11 3:51am
I don't to allow all page for all user In my site has a intro that is the index page but after password protection it is not working.
senguptaamlan 11-Mar-11 4:25am
Group the pages in which you don't want the user to be autheticated in a folder, and place the relative path the the "path" value section.
Secondly I believe the intro contains a flash file or anything which is also getting restricted by the authentication, so detect the resource file and place it in a directory and create another location tag, just like stated one to by pass authentication for the directory.
senguptaamlan 11-Mar-11 5:43am
does it solves your problem ? If yes, please mark the thread as answer

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