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Hi All

On a development machine , I am working on 3.5
And I am storing cookies for the website on client machine.
Even after disabling cookies on IE and Mozilla the site is
still working.I was expecting that an exception will occur
but I am not getting any exception.

Is the session state has any role in that. For session state I
have used the 'AutoDetect' option.

Please suggest why is this happening.

Thanks in advance :)

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Mar-11 12:31pm    
It all depends on what you're doing with you cookies. How anyone can answer your Question without important detail? Where is your code?
suprcodr 11-Mar-11 12:39pm    
In addition to wondering what you are doing with your cookies, did you clear out your browsers' caches / start new sessions? If not then relevant cookie-based information could still be cached and therefore accessible via Session.
THE SK 11-Mar-11 13:15pm    
Thanks for your reply.
Yes I cleared browser cache and also started new session.
The problem is not in code , it is either in configuration on browser or
I thought that it might be because of AutoDetect setting in sessionState.
But still not able to find what is wrong.

Thanks for your reply once again :)
suprcodr 11-Mar-11 13:30pm    
I have a hunch that disabling cookies might only disable the receiving of cookies instead of the sending of cookies. I know you said you cleared your browser cache but did you also delete all relevant cookies from your machine?

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