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Hi everyone,

I want to compare ECC and RSA.
I have read papers regarding that ECC is faster than RSA and has better security per key bit size.
Can anyone tell me how i can show this using specific code.
Updated 16-Mar-11 14:25pm

1 solution

It's nearly impossible to compare security. Comparing security means breaking the cipher of real-life size of the key. Do you have any idea how much resources it may take? :-)
Come to think about, the possibility of easy experimental comparison would present a back door (please see the reference below) to the algorithm which is thought to be impossible and would mean the cipher is broken. Isn't that logical? :-)

Now, comparison in performance is absolutely easy. You just use both algorithm for ciphering/deciphering or digital digital signature/validation and simple time key generation and those procedures.

See for more information:[^],[^], see also the references to these articles.

More theoretical knowledge on the basis of related cryptography topics: one-way function:[^], back door:[^], public-key cryptography:[^].

Please be advised that normally CodeProject members are not supposed (and usually not interested) to write any code on your request. The nature of your Question requires some hours of work in order to provide the code you need. You can use, for example, C++ implementation of RSA and ECC:[^]. When you have the implemented algorithms, your research of the timing comparison will be easy enough. You can write you research code and ask follow-up Questions if you face any problems.

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Espen Harlinn 16-Mar-11 16:10pm    
Good points, my 5
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Mar-11 17:05pm    
Thank you very much.
rohitketkar 17-Mar-11 10:46am    
Thank you very much . i will definitely follow up.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Mar-11 13:26pm    
You're welcome.
Are you going to formally accept my answer?
rohitketkar 18-Mar-11 10:54am    
formally i have already accepted your answer. But i have to do some extra work also.
can you tell me more abt crypto++ and how can i get code to do so.

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