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I have an app on a laptop that I'd like to be able to disable after a certain number of days.
he next best way to disable an app after a certain time period.

know that there are obfuscation products out there, but none of them seem to offer an "expiry date" facility on the source code that they are trying to obfuscate.
Updated 17-Mar-11 3:37am

License to ASP.Net Web Application
Well, it's a website and the only way you can put a licensing kind of check is by categorizing your users as normal or premium kind. Those who purchase/pay you for facility, mark them as premium users (which you can nly track via a username-password combo) and based on the membership type expose the pages, features and functionality.

You cannot have a license file kind of thing for web. Thats a windows application technique.
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Toniyo Jackson 17-Mar-11 5:49am    
Good answer. have 5
ashu2188 17-Mar-11 8:35am    
thats true...!!

but if you wanna do that stuff then one solution can be to put up logic on every page and check when it gets loaded that if the system date is greater than a particular date, it will redirect you to another page...but i guess its not the solution that one good programmer would really look for. If I would be doing the programming, i would implement the thing Mr Sandip described.
fjdiewornncalwe 17-Mar-11 9:32am    
+5 from me.
Espen Harlinn 18-Mar-11 5:02am    
Nice reply, my 5
In addition to sandeep's response:

But you *can* save the user info in a datanbase, and even make your system handle annual subscriptions as a result. When they log in, their info is retrieved from the database, and their subscription level is determined as a result.
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fjdiewornncalwe 17-Mar-11 9:33am    
Exactly. That's how that part is handled.
I think this OP needs to understand the fundamentals of where the "logic" in a web app is before trying to implement something like this.

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