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I am trying to develop a WinForm Application that will allow me to send sms message via a serial port. I have bluetooth from samsung gravity tieing into serial port COM7.
The serial port is open Now I only have to find a way to send the message via the open port. The code that i am using which is in the beginning stages looks like this

private SerialPort port;
private string designatedSerialPortNumber;
private string outgoingNumber;
private bool errorOccured;
public Form1()
    port.ErrorReceived += new SerialErrorReceivedEventHandler(port_ErrorReceived);
void port_ErrorReceived(object sender, SerialErrorReceivedEventArgs e)
    errorOccured = true;
private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    outgoingNumber = recepientNumber.Text;
    designatedSerialPortNumber = "COM" + PortNumber.Text;
    port = new SerialPort(designatedSerialPortNumber, 9600, Parity.None);
    port.DataBits = 8;
    port.StopBits = StopBits.One;
    port.RtsEnable = true;
    port.DtrEnable = true;
    port.NewLine = System.Environment.NewLine;
    if (IsOpen() && !errorOccured)
        // port opens and no error was thrown using COM7
        // samsung mobile request permission to serial connect
private bool IsOpen()
    return port.IsOpen;

If anyone has seen any good examples that they can point me to on sending sms from serial port or if you may be able to give me a few pointers or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

Google: Wonderfull tool. I fed it your subject and pressed "Search"

First link: Your question.
Second link: This question[^].

Now, why couldn't you do that?

I have extracted the relevant lines:

string mobile_number = "+88XXXXXXXXXXX";
string message = "Hi";
port.WriteLine("AT+CMGS=" + mobile_number + "\r" + message + (char)(26));
Did you try to see if that works because ive already performed that search found that link could not get that code to work properly. If you have found a way to make that work please let me know?

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