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I want to scan a Directory for checking each file/folder in it, getting its name with extension, size, check whether its a file or folder. Is there any WINDOWS class available to do these operation or Can anybody suggest me the code for it?
Thanking u in advance.....

You may use, recursing into directories, the technique show in this MSDN example: "Listing the Files in a Directory"[^].
MartinTaylor 18-Mar-11 17:50pm
Thank you..I'll check it...
If you use MFC, you can benefit from CFileFind[^] class.
Otherwise, you can use these functions FindFirstFile(...)[^], FindNextFile(...)[^], FindFirstFileEx(...)[^] and FindClose(...)[^]
MartinTaylor 18-Mar-11 17:45pm
The reason I dont want to use MFC classes is that latter i want to integrate this code in Windows Form Application & I read somewhere that you can not use MFC classes with windows header files/Applications..Is that true?
Ozer Karaagac 18-Mar-11 17:52pm
I don't exactly know but I don't think so. If you don't want to use MFC, CPallini's solution is right for you. You may want to add it recursion and skipping '.' dirs.

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