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Hello All,

I have structure called POUDetails which has the following members.
typedef struct POUDetails
 CStringArray POUName;
 int Version;
 Cstring View;

POUDetails First;        ///instance of structure.


I want to pass this structure as function argument of dll function,
Dll function:
void WINAPI FillPOU(POUDetails mystruct,int index)

Dll function call

This gives me error of
cannot convert POUDetails to POUDetails.

so next time I go with pointers like
void WINAPI FillPOU(POUDetails* mystruct,int index)

and function called

even then it gives me error of
Cannot convert POUDetails* _w64 to POUDetails*

Can anybody give me some clue about this.
Updated 20-Mar-11 20:17pm
CPallini 19-Mar-11 6:39am    
It looks a 64 bit platform vs 32 bit one issue, see:
[no name] 19-Mar-11 6:42am    
i was looked that no solution found can you give me any clue
Dalek Dave 19-Mar-11 7:17am    
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1 solution

I don't think you can mix platforms. Try changing both the app and the dll to either 32-bit or 64-bit and see if it clears up.
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[no name] 19-Mar-11 7:12am    
What do you mean by this??

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