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Hi, is there a way to display an object of overrided abstract class in property grid?

For example, I have the following:
public abstract class Creature
    public string Height {get; set;}
    public string Weight {get; set;}

    public Creature();

public class Beast:Creature
    public string Species {get; set;}

    public Beast()

public class Human:Creature
    public string Name {get; set;}
    public Human() { }

I have a list of type Creature, and its objects are meant to be edited in property grid, but it shows only Height and Weight when I use
propertyGrid1.SelectedObject = creatures[i]

Is there a way, or should I just use (Beast) or (Human) before sending an object to property grid?

Also, is there a way this list can be serialized into XML?
Updated 21-Mar-11 11:31am
aidin Tajadod 21-Mar-11 19:22pm    
what heappen if you cast it?some thing like:
if (typeof (creatures[i] )==Human)

propertyGrid1.SelectedObject = (Human)creatures[i];

propertyGrid1.SelectedObject = (Beast)creatures[i];
dark13th 22-Mar-11 7:07am    
tried this but it wouldn't work:
if ((plist.Items[i]).GetType() == typeof(Human))
propertyGrid1.SelectedObject = (Human)plist.Items[i];
it still doesn't have Name in property grid.
Ian Good 21-Mar-11 21:26pm    
I tested this case in a new solution and had no problems (other than the compiler error for public Creature();).
What .Net version are you using?
dark13th 22-Mar-11 7:08am    
.NET 2.0

Well, on the clean solution it works without type casting, maybe it's my fault, thanks for your answers.
Also, found a solution for XML serializing here[^]
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This is not how it is done.

See detailed instructions I gave answering a similar Question: How to get response when click PropertyGrid[^].

Custom presentation using property grid is quite feasible but not easy at all.

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