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In this line I am trying to convert Long to Intptr (it is throwing a error like long cannot be converted to Intptr)

Marshal.Copy(byteArray, tmpBmp.Width * (tmpBmp.Height - 1 - i), DirectCast(CLng(bmpDat1.Scan0) + tmpBmp.Width * i, IntPtr), tmpBmp.Width)<br />

Can anyone please fix it?
Thank you
Updated 22-Mar-11 3:37am

1 solution

Dim x As IntPtr
Dim y As Integer = 123
x = New IntPtr(y)

EDIT ==============

Since the method you're calling (Marshal.Copy) takes an IntPtr, you shouldn't be making the calculation result a long to begin with.

Dim value as Integer = bmpDat1.Scan0 + tmpBmp.Width * i
Marshal.Copy(byteArray, tmpBmp.Width * (tmpBmp.Height - 1 - i), new IntPtr(value), tmpBmp.Width)
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Mar-11 13:32pm    
Correct, a 5.

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