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I am Using Composite Application Library for My Windows Application Development
and i am Facing problem in Unit Testing
This is what going on
1.I am inheriting the Bootstrapper and running it from by test class and then i will have the Container available to me and now i resolve the required object to test
2. i will test each functionality like initiating the command assigning values to properties etc
the problem occurs in 2
the problem is on assigning value to the property i am calling RaiseCanExecuteChanged() in Delegate Command
it is throwing error as "The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it."
how do i resolve this issue??
sample code From my Testing Class

public void TestSetup()
_thread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(() =>
_application = new MockApplication();
model = _application.Container.Resolve(typeof(NewCaseViewModel)) as NewCaseViewModel;
public void TestSearchFunctionality()
Assert.True(model != null);
if (model != null)
model.MemberToSearch = "raghu";
if (model.SearchCommand.CanExecute(""))
Assert.True(model.SearchedMembers != null);
here is my code here the nunit framework is calling the test method and i cant make the _thread Execute the line <code>model.MemberToSearch = "raghu";</code>

this is the code written in the Setter of the MemberToSearch Property

<pre lang="cs">
                _memberToSearch = value;

Updated 22-Mar-11 19:49pm
Ghagar 22-Mar-11 11:27am    
please help ASAP :D

1 solution

You should resolve this issue by addressing the object in question in the same thread as the thread used to instantiate it. This could be a matter is simple re-design. Just move the instantiation code in the same thread. (You don't show enough code, but this is a simple as that.)

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