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while i am binding listview display error like "Unable to cast object of type 'System.Decimal' to type 'System.String'."
Imports System.Data.SqlClient
Public Class ListViewData
    Public Sub FillListView(ByRef MyListView As ListView, _
                                                        ByRef myData As SqlDataReader)
        Dim lvwColumn As ColumnHeader
        Dim itmListItem As ListViewItem

        Dim strTest As String

        Dim shtCntr As Short

        For shtCntr = 0 To myData.FieldCount() - 1
            lvwColumn = New ColumnHeader()
            lvwColumn.Text = myData.GetName(shtCntr)

        Do While myData.Read
            itmListItem = New ListViewItem()
            strTest = IIf(myData.IsDBNull(0), "", myData.GetString(0))
            itmListItem.Text = strTest

            For shtCntr = 1 To myData.FieldCount() - 1
                If myData.IsDBNull(shtCntr) Then
                End If
            Next shtCntr

    End Sub

End Class
Updated 22-Mar-11 17:20pm

1 solution

The error is self explanatory. The code assigns a decimal to a string variable.

Debug, find the error place. Use the toString() of the decimal value type or Convert.ToString() method before assign the decimal to string.

If you are not intended to use a string then use appropriate variable declaration.

Do you want someone here rewrite your code for a simple bug?
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samir 2011 22-Mar-11 23:43pm    
i solve this kind of error but in listview it display only number field rather than display all field of database.
Albin Abel 22-Mar-11 23:52pm    
Can you debug and tell me which line gives the error? Then I would able to help you.

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