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Hai I am beginner in python programming

I want to read and write a notepad file using

a class and method in python.

Can anyone help me to do so ?

Any help will be appreciated.

I have pasted the notepad file content to be processed below
since I don't find any attachment option, please note down for
the verification.

filename : FileToRW.txt

Content of Notepad File


R100; B100; G100; W100; P100; O100;
R200; B200 G200 W200 P200 O200
R300; B300; G300; W300; P300; O300;
R400; B400; G400; W400; P400; O400;

"RUN 100"
"RESULT 1100"

1 solution

There is no such thing as "notepad file".

Python file read/write is so simple (even for an absolute beginner) that I have no idea what answer you may need, except perhaps writing the code for you.
No, this is not how CodeProject works. Please read the code and ask a question if you face any problems. And it's better for you. Beginners are those who begin.

I never used anything but this:[^]

I'm not talking about WSGI, this is different story. Do you do Web development with Python? This is a bit tricky (but very nice after you learn WSGI techniques and documentation. For me, all I needed is well covered here:[^].

Ajain A K 23-Mar-11 3:06am
Thanks for your instant response hope I can come up with as you suggested.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Mar-11 20:30pm
I did not suggest anything but looking at Python help.
Ajain A K 24-Mar-11 1:24am
Thanks for the comment but what you mean by "looking at python help"

should I do something else to get python help, I mean should I go to

some other link for python help, if so you can redirct or guide to

some good python help topic in code project.
Please see updated Answer. This is all I used, it was always enough. I thought it you're developing in Python, you knew where the documentation is. Otherwise, how did you started it in first place?
Ajain A K 24-Mar-11 2:36am
Hi SA Thanks! yes I have some python tutorial meterial and
I am going through it but I serching the best so that I beleive
code project might be having the good documentation. I think the
links that you provided will satisfy my need, based on that I will upadte you with my quries hope you will help
Unfortunately, Python is not very popular at CodeProject. And CodeProject does not collect or support documentation, it's more for original articles.
Thanks for accepting my answer.
Good luck, call again.
Espen Harlinn 24-Mar-11 3:52am
My 5
Thank you very much.

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