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I have a textfile in this format

itemno | serial no | location | user | name | QTY | Man.
1234, 55555, LA, aa12, sam, 5, AEM <<<<<-----start read here

I want to read textfile in above format starting from 6th line,till the end of the line.

Any ideas guys?


you could use File.ReadAllLines for this task. This gives you an array with all the lines in your textfile. You only need to process all the elements starting with the 6th.

Acceptable, too, a 5 (I still think line reading is better). Also, you will need some effort to split correctly: many use hard-coded line delimiter, which is wrong (non-portable).
See my Answer.
Espen Harlinn 24-Mar-11 3:37am
My 5
TweakBird 24-Mar-11 3:57am
My 5
Are you serious? Do you think somebody needs to think of any ideas?

1) Use the class System.IO.StreamReader.
2) In cycle, use System.IO.StreamReader.ReadLine.
3) Before the loop, create int lineCount = 0;
4) Increment lineCount after each ReadLine.
5) After incrementing lineCount, continue to skip to next line, depending on lineCount.
6) If not skipping line, split the line like this:
string[] terms =
        new char[] {' ', ',', }, 

Please think about your Question. You should have find it all by yourself and asked a question only if you face a problem. If you're going to keep asking questions like that, you will never complete any development.

Sandeep Mewara 24-Mar-11 3:02am
My 5!
Thank you, Sandeep.
Eduard Keilholz 24-Mar-11 3:15am
My 5
Thank you, Eduard.
Espen Harlinn 24-Mar-11 3:34am
My 5
Thank you, Espen.
TweakBird 24-Mar-11 3:56am
My 5
Thank you very much.
pwtc222 24-Mar-11 3:59am
increment lineCount after each ReadLine means?
i m using the following code :

string sUserID
sUserID = sr.ReadLine();
Add "lineCount++;" at after this, then "if lineCount>XXX continue;", then the Split...

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