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Hello everyone i'm having problems to understand the following behaviour. Maybe someone can explain this to me?
I have a base class like:

class BaseClass
        int _A;
        virtual void Initialize() = 0;
           _A = 1;

And a derived class

class Child : public BaseClass
         Child() : BaseClass() {};
         void Initialize()
              //do specific initialization here

So what i'm expecting is, that when instantiating the Child class, the base class constructor gets called which uses the Initialize method implemented by the derived class.
What im getting is a linker error about the Initialize method.
But when using the Initialize method in an ordinary function it works as expected.

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Legor 24-Mar-11 7:24am    
Thanks, that explains it perfectly.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Mar-11 15:34pm    
This is important information, not apparent to the novice. (Also, one of the problems of C++ technology. I think we discussed that I have certain criticism about C++...). My 5.
Albert Holguin 24-Mar-11 16:22pm    
my 5!
HimanshuJoshi 24-Mar-11 16:25pm    
Important clarification. +5
Thats the normal behaviour.
* Constructor:
cannot call any virtual function because the derived class is not initialized. The state of the memebers is undefined.
* Destructor:
cannot call any virtual function because the derived class is already deinitialized. The member state is undefined or invalid from the final operations. Thats you must not set any values to a defined value (i.e. NULL).

additional (i forgot)
imagine you have classes like this:
class A{};
class B : public A{}
class C : public B{}

the functions for "class C" will be called as follows:

// other code
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HimanshuJoshi 24-Mar-11 16:25pm    
Nice answer. +5
Legor 25-Mar-11 5:07am    
Thanks again for the clarification

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