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Hello, this is Vikash Gohil.

I have an 2.0 application created with C# back end and Ajax control toolkit.

Can I run this application under Win CE as it is after compiling or is there any compiler or tool for converting .Net applications for running on Win CE?

Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

There is no tool, and it is very unlikely that it will work straight away - CE has no concept of back end / Ajax.

If this had been a desktop app, then there was a slim chance that rebuilding it for CE might work. But with a web app? No chance. Could you re-compile a web app for a desktop? CE is a cut down desktop, after all.
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[no name] 25-Mar-11 6:59am    
Just immagine some Win CE device running IIS and hosting ASP .Net webpages. This really is no question of converting code, it's more about the device's capabilities.
OriginalGriff 25-Mar-11 7:09am    
IIS on WinCE? Now there's a concept!
[no name] 25-Mar-11 7:10am    
The next step after mobile computing. Mobile hosting.
OriginalGriff 25-Mar-11 7:11am    
Not so much a Cloud as a Wisp...
[no name] 25-Mar-11 7:14am    
Let's do it. We will become rich and famous for this. We just need to throw those buzzwords around some more. As the question shows, there is a market.
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