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How can I design a user interface using to attract the customer.
It should be look good.
Updated 28-Mar-11 5:32am
Smithers-Jones 28-Mar-11 9:50am    
Use as many colours as possible (rainbow background, rainbow-coloured 3D-fonts), customers love that. Everything should move and whirl around - people really love this.
Dylan Morley 28-Mar-11 9:57am    
Please see this reference

If you make your site like this, you will attract customer. You will be beating them off with a stick.
Dalek Dave 28-Mar-11 11:33am    
Edited for Grammar.

Theres a few thing that is goign to affect the design you wish your website to have:

Basically what kind of website will it be, what are you trying to demo
What are the features you wish to build in (RSS feeds)
And what is your target Audience, for instance if you are trying to show off a corporate website its not a good idea to have a whole gallery of pictures on your main startup page.

Also Websites don't get designed in ASP.NET / Visual Studio, they get designed in Photoshop/Fireworks ect (choose your poison)

I for one use photoshop and this web page[^]

Has been my saving grace for a long time (also it helped me understand Photoshop.

The best layout of corporate websites are Web 2 layouts,
where your features are neatly grouped
Your text is easily readable (Arial 12px 16px , 18px) color #CCC to #999
Also it should be easy for your clients to find info quick access to links like contact us/ finding us/ Products should be very easy to find.

In the last few years I found that clients generally prefer usability over bling(getting your page to load in 1 to 3 seconds flat) is far more impressive than having a page that loads in 15 seconds and has open closing animations with bells and whistles. So optimization get your Photoshop images to as small as possible, use css files and turn off the debug=true on the web.config.

Hope this helps
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Dalek Dave 28-Mar-11 11:33am    
Good Advice
kamalkumar1991 9-Oct-14 3:01am    
Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:23pm    
Good and detailed advice. "Also Websites don't get designed in ASP.NET / Visual Studio, they get designed in Photoshop/Fireworks ect" = Not even photoshop/ Firework, supposed to be in a artistic brain :). My 5

First of all, and most importantly, get the functionality right.
There is nothing less attractive than links that go nowhere, or script errors etc.

Once you have the functionality right, then tweak and edit.
It is impossible to say what is 'attractive' for different people have different tastes.

Look at other websites, see how they do the layout and deal with user interaction.

Don't be clutterered, it is difficult to read and will drive people away.
Don't have super-duper whizzo graphics that slow the site, instant access is important, people will bugger off if they have to wait more than about 3 seconds.

Google and Read.
There is much to learn.
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Albin Abel 16-Apr-11 14:20pm    
Good advice.
I googled " design interface", and got back an amazing 15 MILLION results. Surely you can find something there.
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willempipi 28-Mar-11 9:51am    
haha ;)

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