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this image show my program!
i think this program is not Beautiful !

i write this program by .net 4

and i want to create a Beautiful program.

someone tell me should be work with wpf !
He told me right?

please introducing me a good book about wpf ![^]

Thanks for your help loved ones
Updated 28-Mar-11 8:29am

As promised earlier, my recommendation: One book about WPF I have really liked is:[^]. Covers the basics but also dives a bit deeper.
my name is coder ! ! ! 28-Mar-11 14:41pm
thank you mika ! ! ! but have you any good tutorial website (free) to download movie?
RaviRanjanKr 28-Mar-11 14:53pm
Take a look at my answer. you can navigate mentioned link for videos tutorial :)
Wendelius 28-Mar-11 14:57pm
Ravi posted an excellent link.
Go there-[WPF Videos -][^] for videos tutorial of WPF
Wendelius 28-Mar-11 14:57pm
Excellent link, my 5
RaviRanjanKr 28-Mar-11 15:08pm
Thanks Mika
my name is coder ! ! ! 28-Mar-11 15:09pm
thank you ! it's good website . . . . WPF and LINQ
very nice
Looking at your picture: your application is not beautiful or ugly: it does not exist (may be exist in real life, but there is nothing on the picture). The standard frame is not yours, for font is not yours. Only the letters in the title and menu are yours, but the text is not very much of design. It looks like MDI, and this is simply unacceptable: who you MDI? nearly everyone understand its very inconvenient.
At the same time, if you want to "beautify" the "content" you show right, you can only make it worse. You cannot improve the empty place. Really beautiful design never draw a single pixel just for "beauty", every single pixel should have its functional purpose.

It you start from this point in your search of beauty, you have a change to approach it. I think so.

Would you like to take a look at two my past Answers to this Question:
GUI Apperance - C#.Net[^]?
Just to give you a basic idea on what I'm talking about…

my name is coder ! ! ! 29-Mar-11 3:27am
Thank you BUT :
I was amazed ! !
WPF or GUI ?

please tell me Which I do?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 29-Mar-11 10:34am
It's up to you. I generally recommend WPF, but it depends.

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