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Me again...

On a form i have a ComboBox, i bind the combobox with some data from a database, next the combobox i have a button "insert new data"

which is the better way after in open the form and press the Save button, in my combobox in the main form to be auto selected the new record inserted

I use somthing like this.

private void GetNewId()
            int newID = 0;
            Program.Connection.CommandText = "SELECT MAX(ClientId) AS ClientId FROM DateClientiAmanet";
            DataTable Table = new DataTable();
            Program.Connection.FillDataTable(Table, true);
            newID = Convert.ToInt32(Table.Rows[0]["ClientId"]);
            cboNumeClient.SelectedValue = newID.ToString();

Is ok,works,but i search on the internet and the "MAX(ClientId)" is not so good.
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Updated 28-Mar-11 19:02pm
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 1:03am    
Always use Improve question to update the question.

1 solution

- Insert record
INSERT INTO tblBlah1 (Col1,Col2,Col3) VALUES (Val1,Val2,Val3);

- Retrieve id

- Repopulate your combo
- Set selectedvalue to the new id
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aciobanita 28-Mar-11 20:47pm    
for the moment i'm using access, but i whant a statement to work for MySql, Access and micosoft sql.
is that posibl?
m@dhu 29-Mar-11 1:02am    
Op updated hi question.

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