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When I drag my GridSplitter , the Border that holds my TreeView automtically displays a horizontal ScrollBar when needed .
Can I get similar behavior verticaly when my TreeView Items list out of Borders verticle bounds.
I'm having a hard time finding this behavior.

1 solution

In great disbelieve (am I missing something?!), I just tested it. By default, it shows the vertical scroll bar as soon as you decrease the height of the grid raw where the tree view is placed. No problem.

Somehow, you screw it up. It you show possibly minimal code which reproduces the problem, you might get some more help. In perfect case, it would XAML only, with only: one Window, one Grid with row definitions, one GridSplitter and one TreeView.

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o1010wanabe 28-Mar-11 22:34pm    
Thanks I dinked around with it and got what I need in , like you said certain circumstances . I will mark it as accepted and then dink around some more.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 28-Mar-11 22:37pm    
Thank you.
Good luck.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Apr-11 21:25pm    
Did you delete your last Question "File in use by another process problem"?!
If you did, why? It does not matter if you already found the solution.

That was a very good Question; and I added an advanced comprehensive solution, and wanted to up-vote your Question. If you don't need an answer, other readers may need it.

Will you please explain what happened (if you know)?

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