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Hi all,
my issue is to go the other way round of windows copy process..
basically i want to restrict copy process, only allowing known file types to be copied or moved into my whenever a copy process is initiated by any one or by any means i want to restrict copying of unwanted files.

how can i go ahead in working out a solution for this issue??

also can i get some suggestions on to how "TERACOPY" software overrides the windows copy process and starts its own copy process ??

how to get the location from where the file has been copied ??

i understand this issue is not general as what i intend to do is opposite to windows, however this is what i have to do by any means.....please suggest me some resolutions.

Thank You all.

I´m not shure, if everthing you want is possible.

If a software (e.g. TERACOPY - I dont know it) intercept the windows copy process, they have to do some heavy api stuff. Troubles with antivirus software could appear.

But, thats the real problem, it is possible to copy a file without any "windows" functin. A programmer can decide to open the source file and write a new file - it looks like a copy, it smells like a copy, but no copy function was used!

Maybe you can use a FileSystemWatcher - your program will get information about files written, changed, deleted ...
FileSstemWatcher can be implemented, however action will be performed only when copy process has taken place. its a post action API.
what i wanted is action prior to copy process, i.e from where the copy process has started. i need to capture he copy process.

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