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Hello everybody.
I'm have a project at school. it require me make a web browser using c/c++(of win32) to write this project. Could any one give me some advice about this. What should i study in c++ to write this project? what document is useful for this one? I'm don't know what lib in c++ support to render html and what protocol to support this. Is that http?.. i will appreciate for any help
[no name] 2-Apr-11 4:33am    
Are you sure you understood the assignment right? It seems a bit much to ask for someone to write a web browser as school project... 2-Apr-11 9:21am     CRLF
Hi Thaddeus Thanks for your comment. My teacher ask me what to do, that is just make a mini web browser using c/c++. we don't need to take care the render of html, we just take care the protocol to crawl the html page and use whatever lib to render it. So i don't know what protocol and lib in c++ which support for this.

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You can use the microsoft IWebBrowser2 object to do that.
Good luck.

you need to know, how to use COM-objects.
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Comments 2-Apr-11 9:25am     CRLF
Could you give me more link about COM-objects. I'm just new with network programming. I'm just want to make a mini web browser. Thanks for give me solution
mbue 2-Apr-11 10:09am     CRLF
You can search here at this site for some articles about COM. To use that browser object you dont need to know anything about the http-protocol. Its the same object used in internet explorer. Regards.

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