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Does anyone know a C++-to-C-converter? I cant find the converter, but I need it to convert C++-coding to C.

Comment from Smithers-Jones: I deleted you new question and put the content below into this question, since they are obviously related.

#include <iostream>

using std::cin;
using std::cout;
using std::endl;

int main()
int numberM = 0;
cout << endl << "Enter m: ";
cin >> numberM;

int numberN = 0;
cout << endl << "Enter n: ";
cin >> numberN;

for (int i = (numberM + 1); i < numberN; i++)
cout << endl << i;

cout << endl;
return 0;

may i know the above coding is it showing a program to accept 2 numbers m and n and to display all numbers between m and n? may i know how to change the c++ code to make it into c?

What I have tried:

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Albert Holguin 3-Apr-11 15:31pm
why would you want to convert C++ to C?
Jayfam 3-Apr-11 15:33pm
i found a c++ coding which i needed, but i want it in c because i learn c and do no learn c++ before
Albert Holguin 3-Apr-11 15:35pm
even though there may be a converter, i've never seen one, you can always post the chunks of code that you don't understand in CodeProject Q&A and ask for clarification.
Jayfam 3-Apr-11 15:36pm
ok, thx
Smithers-Jones 3-Apr-11 15:44pm
I deleted your new question and put the content below into this question, since they are obviously related. You can always improve your question instead of starting a new one.
Jayfam 3-Apr-11 15:45pm
ok, thanx

Why? That is not going to be too useful, if it is true C++.

The basic syntax of C++ is C. So it is possible to write a C program in C++. Indeed, some "professionals" have never done anything else.

However, C++ is a major superset of C, containing a huge amount of stuff that just isn't there in the base language. Classes for example. Polymorphism. Just about everything which makes C++ usable as a modern language.

While they do exist, (the early C++ compilers were just that, and a quick Google will find you something that will do the job) C++ to C conversion would be a very retrograde step, and will not produce anything you would want to maintain, or indeed look at for too long.

Is there a specific reason you want to do it? Because if there isn't, I would strongly recommend you stick to C++.
Jayfam 3-Apr-11 15:50pm
but im learning C programming now
OriginalGriff 3-Apr-11 15:58pm
So if you are learning C now, why do you want to translate C++? It won't produce good C because it will translate structures and concepts into a more limited environment!
Jayfam 3-Apr-11 16:00pm
oic, i understand what u mean. thanks
Good Answer. My 5.
Here's what the code should look like (no error checking, which you should add):
int main()
 int numberM =0, numberN=0, i=0;

 printf("Enter m: ");
 scanf("%d", &numberM);
 printf("Enter n: ");
 scanf("%d", &numberN);

 for(i = (numberM +1); i<numberN; i++)
	printf("%d\n", i);

 return 0;

Things you should know that were replaced and why:
1) All std namespace objects and functions are C++, they were replaced with appropriate printf/scanf calls.
2) In C, all variable declarations must occur at the beginning of the function, not the case with C++.

What's lacking in this code:
1) Checking for errors
2) scanf is NOT type safe, meaning the result of a user putting in the wrong input type is undefined
CPallini 20-Mar-17 5:52am

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