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Im using SlimDx to pick up joystick feedback in my c# app. The code I implemented works fine for one stick but I cant seem to get two identical sticks to work. Apologies for my ignorance ahead of time. Here is the code:

public SimpleJoystick()

DirectInput dinput = new DirectInput();

foreach (DeviceInstance device in dinput.GetDevices(DeviceClass.GameController,                                                  DeviceEnumerationFlags.AttachedOnly))

                // Create device
                     stickOne = new Joystick(dinput, device.InstanceGuid);


                catch (DirectInputException)
                   //catch stuff here

Ive made a Joystick[] named sticks prior to this. How do I place each device into the Joystick array within the foreach loop? I cant figure out what variable can be used in the sticks[x] so that it corresponds to the correct InstanceGuid of the stick. Any help would be most appreciated.

1 solution

Unless you have to use an Array for some reason, you would be better using one of the generic collections.

A List<Joystick>, for example. You would then be able to replace:
stickOne = new Joystick(dinput, device.InstanceGuid);

with (assume you called the list sticks as in your array)
sticks.Add(new Joystick(dinput, device.InstanceGuid));

Or even a dictionary
Dictionary<GUID, Joystick> sticks = new Dictionary<GUID, Joystick>();

// then in the try block
sticks.Add(device.InstanceGuid, new Joystick(dinput, device.InstanceGuid));

You would then be able to look them up by their GUID, if that is required.
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