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I create a assebly from 3 classes. For that one I'm using SqlConnection to deal with the sql database. Currently I'm hardcoding the ConnectionString and creating the sqlConnection inside the dataAccess class. But after creating the DLL user need to set the connection as he wants. What is the best way to design this thing.

If you are trying to use this as a general purpose control, I would pass the connection string to your code as part of the initilization: either via the constructor (preferred) or via a static instance. That way it is up to the application how and where he stores it, rather than the DLL. Since the App is more "aware" of the environment they will be running in than the DLL, that does make some sense!
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SwitcherSoft 4-Apr-11 3:50am    
I Agree, and in the calling application you can store and encrypt it in the settings file.
You can use the Settings object, of the Configuration object, or design a solution yourself.

Try expanding the 'Properties' treeview item under your ptoject in the solution explorer, you'll see Settings.settings. You can add the connectionstring there and retrieve is in code. The other solution is to add a new file to your project (Application Configuration) and add the connectionstring in the ConnectionStrings section.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
        <clear />
        <add name="Name" connectionString="ConnectionStringX" />

You must reference the System.Configuration library in order to call the ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["Name"].ConnectionString which will return the connectionstring (in this case ConnectionStringX)

Have Fun!

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Sanyon_d 4-Apr-11 2:55am    
I'm already using this method inside the class. But after compiling as a classLibrary I can use the DLL only. Application configuration file will not come.
Eduard Keilholz 4-Apr-11 3:17am    
Have you considered creating a settings class which you serialize using XML?

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