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Hi all!

I ran odd problem. It seems that my Visual Studio 2010 IDE hates one of my class file. My class file contains just static businesslogic class between (ui) component and database.

I found out that when I open that file in ide or just add breakpoint in it and choose "start debugging" ide will freeze. When I choose compile, it will do it just fine.

If I dont open my problem file and add breakpoint to files which uses that class then i can debug trough my file just fine but when exiting debugging ide will freeze (because the file is opened during debugging?). Im sure that file worked just fine couble of weeks ago.

I tried to debug same solution with another computer and I was able to debug and do what ever I wanted without crashes.

Im afraid that cannot paste code of my class but I hope you could give advices to solve this thing. I personally think its more ide/computer/debug setting problem than class itself..

Hope you got idea


As SA mentioned, the problem doesn't come from your code (or solution) since it works fine on a different machine.

I would suggest the followings:
- Clean your solution completely: delete all temporay files and *.ncb files (intellisense files)
- Rebuild
- If this doesn't solve the problem, re-install your IDE.
- If this still doesn't solve the problem, the problem most likely comes from your machine and SA is right: we can't do anything...

raistu wrote:
By deleting intellisense files fixed that issue

Theses file are generated automatically by the IDE. Deleting them is not a problem since they are used only to help coding faster. If you really have too many problems with intellisence, you can disable it:[^]
paleGegg0 5-Apr-11 4:26am
Hey thanks for providing tips what I can do in this situation.
Olivier Levrey 5-Apr-11 4:31am
Except re-installing IDE and/or all your system, I have no idea.

By the way, I am glad you accepted my answer, but if it didn't solve your problem, you shouldn't. Just because other people will not be interested in your question if it is marked as "solved".
paleGegg0 5-Apr-11 4:46am
By deleting intellisense files fixed that issue. I never thought that could cause problems with specifig class..
Olivier Levrey 5-Apr-11 5:11am
Ok I see. A few years ago I encountered strange problems with intellisense files as well. It was not as serious as the one you decribed but I thought maybe it could help and it did :)
No! Don't expect any help. You Question does not provide any matter needed to help you.
What you describe normally does not happen.

You see:

I tried to debug same solution with another computer and I was able to debug and do what ever I wanted without crashes.
This is a clear indication of mess-up in your system. This is entirely your problem and not even a problem of your project. How can you expect anyone to fix your whole system guided by your description which you do not completely understand yourself? Be logical.


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