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i found that when I attempt to connect to Reports or ReportServer from inside the server in http mode it works normally.
when I login with the same userid and run it in https on the server, using IE,
I trying https:\\servername\reportServername and
it is prompting me for a login 3 times before failing and i get a blank page.
(even with my admin user)
However, when I try to access the report server remotely it succeeds.

my configuraton is:
windows server 2008 R2
IIS 7.5
SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services

the application user added to following groups

Any input or guidance would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
walterhevedeich 6-Apr-11 0:59am    
Blank page? No error on the page or before you got the page?
HrushaIL 6-Apr-11 4:46am    
yes, only blank page without any error
walterhevedeich 6-Apr-11 4:51am    
Check your Event Viewer. It may have a detailed error on the issue. From there, you may be able to debug it yourself. Its difficult to trace since we dont know what the error is.
HrushaIL 6-Apr-11 5:29am    
no error in Event Viewer

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