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I am working on WCF + Oralce database.

can anyone tell me how can i implment Oracle data access in Wcf. If possible can anyone send the resource links or code

Requirement : ---> (WCF ---- DataAccess Layer --- Oracle Database)


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Microsoft has a sample entity framework against Oracle database, see[^]. However it uses the deprecated System.Data.OracleClient api so it could be a good idea to convert it to use ODP.NET instead.

On the other hand Oracle has recently published a beta version of ODAC Entity Framework. It's still beta but looks very promising. You can have a closer look at here:[^]. This supports wider range of Oracle's functionality.
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Member 1258299 6-Apr-11 16:45pm    
HiI got it, but i dont want to use EF 4.0, i want to write simeple WCF serverice using + Oracle
Wendelius 6-Apr-11 16:52pm    
Ok, so in that case I'd guess you have to do the DAL operations 'manually'. You add necessary references to the project, create a OracleConnection, OracleCommand, OracleDataReader etc (depending what the WCF service does) and use them to do the necessary steps. Is the problem that you're not familiar with ADO.NET.

Additional note: I think you should use ODP.NET. Microsoft isn't going to continue providing Oracle connectivity in .Net Framework directly so ODP.NET is replacing it.
Member 1258299 11-Apr-11 11:39am    
Thanks for you reply. Can you send some of the sample code and resource links
Wendelius 11-Apr-11 16:08pm    
ODP.NET documentation, examples and the package can be found here: When you install it, there should be a directory containing several samples. And if I recall correctly those samples are also discussed in the documentation.

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