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Hi guys,

I've created one addin for MS Word 2007, can i add the same addin to the Outlook 2007 editor?

If it is possible, can you tell me the way?

Thank you in advance.


1 solution

Typically, no it's not possible because the code typically gets quite tightly bound to the application. If, however, you're prepared to separate things out a bit, you can hive off the processing functionality from the portion that sets up the buttons, etc, then you can make a fairly generic component.

The bottom line is that it really depends how you wrote your code whether or not you can get reuse out of it. Beyond that, we aren't really going to be able to give you a more concrete answer.
Srinivas39 8-Apr-11 10:03am
Thank you pete for your reply, I've heard shared addin which can be used for word, excel and outlook... you have any idea?

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