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Write and compile an OpenGL program in C++ which implements the 'free-
hand drawing' tool. A free hand drawing tool allows the user to draw lines as
the user moves the mouse pointer freely in the screen. Your program should
have 2 additional features:

a). The program should only draw when the left mouse button is held down.

b). There should be a menu bound to the right mouse button which allows
the user to clear the screen, change between colors (red green and blue)
or exit the application.

Hint: de ne two handler functions, one that deals with mouse clicks and one
that deals with mouse motion. In order to process menu callbacks de ne a menu
function as well which manages the menus
Updated 7-Apr-11 9:17am
Smithers-Jones 7-Apr-11 13:58pm    
reason for my vote of 1: lazy prick.
#realJSOP 7-Apr-11 14:05pm    
That's a bit harsh... I don't think I'd call him lazy. :)
#realJSOP 7-Apr-11 14:34pm    
Don't do that foreign language thing again. I (or someone else that has the privileges) will just roll it back to the original version again.
Graham Shanks 7-Apr-11 17:59pm    
OK, done the assignment. It was interesting. Tell when you've finished your attempt

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We don't homework for people. It's not because we feel that we're superior or above that kind of mundane coding, but because YOU won't learn anything if WE do the work for you. Back in the day, when I was going to school, my instructor gave me everything I needed to complete homework assignments. I would hope those conditions still prevail in modern schools. Even if he didn't (or you simply weren't paying attention when he WAS providing said information), you have overwhelmingly vast resources of the internet at your immediate disposal, and all you have to do is type "google" to get there.
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Apr-11 14:10pm    
This is a great point. I always say so: "YOU won't learn". My 5.

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