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I have developed a web application in and deployed at client side,but when more than 20 members are using that application at client side, that application becoming slow.. so how to rectify this problem...
Please....any one know the solution for this ....
please do the need full......

[edit]Urgency deleted: It may be urgent to you, but it isn't to us. All that your stressing the urgency does is to make us think you have left it too late, and want us to do it for you. This annoys some people, and can slow a response. - OriginalGriff[/edit]
Updated 8-Apr-11 20:44pm

.it is very urgent......
It's a weekend for us. Please consider it.

how to rectify this problem...
Well, to start with you need to know where the bottle neck is, if any. This means, the point where maxmum time is taken by the application - database, business logic or UI rendering.

Once you find that what/where the maximum time is taken and that gives bad performance - work on that to improve it.

For DB - might be the queries and SP's can be fine tuned.
For BL - might be the logic can be refactored.
For UI - might be extra things getting populated and rendered which can be avoided

Lastly, since you say based on user increment performance is dropping, it might happen that you are saving lots of heavy objects in Session (Inproc). As the users increase, the load is increased on the webserver and hence the delay starts. If so, you need to finetune it. Decrease the session load.

Start up....
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Apr-11 16:00pm
Very adequate response. My 5.
And this is not a matter of weekend. Any time it too valuable to get more urgent topics... OP should be advised not to try to get any benefit of "urgent" -- it won't help at all.
Sandeep Mewara 11-Apr-11 0:29am
Thanks SA.

Yeah, about 'urgent', I was a little polite. :)
I know. But even more polite would be a nice friendly advice to avoid using "urgent" to improve the expectation of some help... :-)
Sandeep Mewara 11-Apr-11 0:44am
I might be in really good mood then ;)
Surely, it would not be the same next time and I hope you would find that ok next time. :)
It could be so many things, that from a description like that, how could we tell?

You need to work out where your problem is: Is the webserver internet connection suffering? Is the webserver running out of memory? CPU cycles? Is it the client connections? Are they all in the same building, and using the same internet connection? Is it your code?

Without knowing at least some of these, how could we tell?

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