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In my project, when the user logs in then there should be a visible signout button.
This is not showing, even when I set visible property to true in my code behind.

And in 'signout button' property, from the start I have declared its visible property to false, so during runtime it won't visible, but when user logs in it should visible.

This is not happening.

Please help.

Thanks in advance
Updated 9-Apr-11 3:29am
Rakesh From Patna 9-Apr-11 6:14am    
you use login status control?
chetanp322 9-Apr-11 6:29am    
Thanks it work fine....
[no name] 9-Apr-11 6:23am    
Post your code then we can guide you where the problem is ?
Dalek Dave 9-Apr-11 8:29am    
Edited for Grammar and Clarity.

How did you set the visible property false. from codebehind or from aspx page itself.

Try to debug your code. There must be some place where it was getting again false.
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Dalek Dave 9-Apr-11 8:29am    
That's a fair question, and it may be an issue.
you can show that property will set in page load or not

if you set in page load
than write in that into

          //write to visible false or true there

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Dalek Dave 9-Apr-11 8:30am    
Good answer, and I edited for code block :)

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