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<b></b>I would appreciate your help with the following problem.
I have an old project written in VC6. In a recent crash I lost the VC6 software I had installed in my machine. The code was working. Since then I have been trying to find ways to run it again. Visual Studio 2008 Express was not able to find the MFC files so it won't compile. Visual Studio 2010 compiles but won't build. I'm not sure why.
Does anyone have experience with VC6 especially vis-a-vis Vis Studio 2010?
I can't get hold of VC6 or I wouldn't bother. As I said the code is very old and I don't dare touch it again to try to correct the errors I get. But since it was running fine until recently (before the computer crashed and I lost VC6) I wonder if it needs to be upgraded to run on Visual Studio 2010. Thanks.
Updated 9-Apr-11 9:33am
Richard MacCutchan 10-Apr-11 5:44am    
You comment below that you don't have MFC any more even though your project is MFC based. I think your only recourse now is to buy a version of Visual Studio as that includes MFC, while the Express editions do not.
OldTimer2011 10-Apr-11 6:31am    
Richard, I already noted that I have Visual Studio 2010 pro which includes MFC and which compiles but won't build. Thanks.
T2102 11-Apr-11 23:48pm    
Unfortunately it is much harder to port VC6 to VS2010 when you used MFC. I ported 20+ projects without using MFC with significantly less total effort than an attempt to port a project that heavily utilized MFC. You might be better off buying an old version of VS6 assuming you are lucky enough to find a copy without viruses/malware.
OldTimer2011 12-Apr-11 6:16am    
Yeah, I was afraid that would be the case... Thanks for sharing your experience though; that's exactly what I was looking for.

VS 2008 Express does not include MFC by default; if you have MFC on your system then you need to add the path to the VS directories in the options settings. You do not say which version of VS 2010 (Express or Purchased) you are using so it may be the same issue. In either case you would need to show what errors you are seeing for anyone to make a suggestion as to what may be wrong.
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Wendelius 9-Apr-11 15:04pm     CRLF
From OP's comment: I know about VC 2008 which is why I didn't ask about it. I no longer have MFC (after the crash). I don't use an Express version of anything anymore since I know the issue with MFC in the Express editions. I'm not sure if the errors are general enough to post here, which is why I ask whether someone with prior experience in running VC6 code under VS2010 can chime in with other potentially known migration issues.
OldTimer2011 10-Apr-11 4:20am    
Thanks for posting my answer here.
VC++ 2010 will be far more standards compliant than VC++ 6 was. So it's not surprising that old code written for VC 6 does not compile any more. You will probably have to go through the code and make changes to ensure that the code conforms with the updated compiler.

You can post some of the errors here (maybe in a separate thread) and I (and others here) will be glad to help you resolve them.
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Apr-11 22:29pm     CRLF
Agree, my 5. --SA
Nish Nishant 10-Apr-11 0:01am    
Thanks SA!
Albert Holguin 10-Apr-11 2:49am    
my 5
OldTimer2011 10-Apr-11 4:19am    
Thanks very much, it makes sense. Will post some errors that I see are repeated on a separate thread as you suggested.
Nish Nishant 10-Apr-11 9:24am    
Thanks, and you are welcome.
post your errors, i've upgraded old projects before and can probably help. there's a few things that have changed and the errors sometimes don't give you great information but its very doable.
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Thank you, guys. I will collect some of the errors that are repeated and open a separate thread as suggested.
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