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Hi Guys,

I created an MS Word 2007 Addin and i want to convert it to a Macro, is there any facility to convert it to a macro?

Can i install the Addin to a selected Word Doc and not to all the word docs? If it can be done, please tell me the way to get that done?

Thanks in advance.

Updated 14-Apr-11 2:09am

1 solution

What language did you create your Addin in? There is no way that I know of to easily convert VB.Net or C# to a VBA macro. You will have to do it line by line. I don't think you can install the addin to an individual Word doc. You install the addin to MS Word itself not to an individual .docx file.

If you want the feature to only run in one doc file then use a macro. Macros and Addins are two separate entities.

HTH. Good luck.
Srinivas39 14-Apr-11 6:57am
Thank you for your reply, I used C# to create the Addin, Dont we have any solution to convert C# to VBA Macro? I dont know VBA, and i added all the functionality in the Addin and want that to be converted to Macro? can you please help me with a solution :(
Slacker007 14-Apr-11 7:03am
Well, I can't write the VBA macro for you. I know how to write macros so I am here to help you as much as I can. There is no "magick" utility that I know of that converts C# to VBA. There is a million websites and resources that can give you an idea on how to write VBA. If you can write C# then I am sure you can learn VBA. The fundamentals are pretty much the same...C# is better of course :)

Just let me know how I can help. Remember, I am helping you not doing the work for you. :)
Srinivas39 14-Apr-11 7:15am
Okay Slacker, thank you, I'm just trying to find any convertions available from Net, you are right ofcourse :), any ways, let me try how i can use VBA here to fulfill my needs.

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