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I have created .net console appplication which uses webbrowser to load html pages , i this app is executing fine on my local machine , but when i run same exe on the machin where .net framwork is not installed i m getting errors, erlier i have run the other app with includeing some .dll file. can any one please let me which .dll files i need to keep with this exe.


John is right.

If you create a .NET application (or dll), you need .NET framework to load and run them.
It is like Java with the virtual machine: if there is no virtual machine installed, then you can't run you java binaries.

If you don't want to install .NET framework, then code in "classical" C/C++ instead of C# for example.
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You can't run a .Net app on a machine that doesn't have (the appropriate version of ) .Net installed. Period. End of story. What you should do is create a setup project in your solution which automatically sets up the .Net dependancy, which forces the user to download/install .Net if necessary.
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RaviRanjanKr 14-Apr-11 12:07pm    
Perfect Solution! My 5 :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Apr-11 0:53am    
Correct, a 5.

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