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Hello, I have a massive problem in regular expression in search. Well I have a textbox and a button, here the code I put in the button event for the search by using regular expression:

The problem I'm having is, I want search a mistyped word from letter A to Z both in lower and upper-cases. Of course if the word is exact then good, else it will display all words begins by the letter. Is the code good?
Updated 5-May-11 13:12pm
Graham Shanks 16-Apr-11 16:21pm    
I cannot understand what you want to do. The code will extract the individual words in the textbox. Perhaps an example of what you mean by "a mistyped word from letter A to Z both in lower and upper-cases" would help

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You are assuming that it will return matches in your code. I would change your code slightly to allow the test of successfully finding matches.

Here is an example to test for matches

dim SearchData as string = txtSearch.text.trim
dim RegExString as string = "\b\w*[a-z]\b"
dim RegExMatch as match = Regex.Match(SearchData, RegExString)

if RegExMatch.sucess = true then
 '... do what you need to do here.
end if
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