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How can we insert a new record at index 0 in DataGridView using
Updated 18-Apr-11 20:36pm
walterhevedeich 19-Apr-11 2:34am
you insert in in the datasource(i.e. datatable) and then rebind.
nsavithal.darsipudi 19-Apr-11 2:37am
new record should be inserted at index 0th position
Prerak Patel 19-Apr-11 2:48am
You want it to be inserted manually, I mean in UI? or programatically?
nsavithal.darsipudi 19-Apr-11 3:18am
manually through winforms controls like textboxes,combobox,radiobuttons
Prasanta_Prince 19-Apr-11 2:51am
When u bind the datatable or dataview. Just put the value you want to show at top. or Sort in the proper order
nsavithal.darsipudi 19-Apr-11 3:16am
show at top

Use gridView.Rows.Insert(0, gridviewRow)
nsavithal.darsipudi: manually through winforms controls like textboxes,combobox,radiobuttons

DataGridView1.Rows.Insert(0, dgvRow)
DataGridView1.Rows.Insert(0, values)

Get the values from your user controls in an object array, and then use Rows.Insert

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