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Dear Sir,

Now i am doing one web application( this project i want to upload images to mysql and also i have to show images in gridview.Here i am taking images by using fileupload control.In database i have set one field as longblob and also i can upload images to mysql.In database size is showing.But i can not retrieve images to gridview.I can not see anything in gridview.This is uploading code
int imageFileSize = FileUpload1.PostedFile.ContentLength;
BinaryReader imageFileBinaryReader = new BinaryReader(FileUpload1.FileContent);
byte[] imageFileBinaryBuffer = imageFileBinaryReader.ReadBytes(imageFileSize);
MySqlParameter imageFileBinaryParam = new MySqlParameter("@Log", MySqlDbType.VarBinary, imageFileSize);
imageFileBinaryParam.Value = imageFileBinaryBuffer;

This is the retrieving code in handler class
 HttpRequest imageRequest = context.Request;
 HttpResponse imageResponse = context.Response;

MySqlDataReader imageFromDbReader = imageFromDbCmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.SingleRow);
            if (imageFromDbReader.HasRows)
                 string imageFileMIMEType = imageFromDbReader["ImageFileMIMEType"].ToString();
                  string imageFileSize = imageFromDbReader["ImageFileSize"].ToString();
               byte[] ImageFileBinaryData = (byte[])imageFromDbReader["Logo"];
                 imageResponse.ContentType = imageFileMIMEType;
                imageResponse.AddHeader("ImageFileSize", imageFileSize);
                BinaryWriter imageFromDbWriter = new BinaryWriter(imageResponse.OutputStream);
              imageFromDbWriter.Write(ImageFileBinaryData, 0, ImageFileBinaryData.Length);

So please help me.

Thank You
Updated 18-Apr-11 21:34pm

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