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I am doing a project on Audio Stenography which uses Genetic algorithm for selection of samples to hide data.

The problem is after the samples are chosen using Genetic algorithm depending on their environment, but how can the samples be identified for extraction of the data without have the original audio file?
Updated 18-Apr-11 23:00pm

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You are going to need to record the final parameters that were selected, at the minimum. You also need to make sure that your algorithm is reversible and the data extractable without the original sound file, if that is a requirement. That doesn't have anything to do with the GA, though – and without knowing what algorithm and file format you are using, no-one can help with that beyond the vaguest of advice.
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Pavanrkoti 20-Apr-11 2:22am    
thanku for the reply..the requirement what i have mention was for my tell you in detail about the requirements, m using MP3 file and m reading sample in terms of bytes,(one scenario) in one frame i ll get 413 samples to hide the data, i'm using GA to select samples out of 413 samples, and send the audio file to the receiver, at the receiving end, how will i come to knw which samples GA have selected? i cant use any markings or tags because the 3 person would come to know abt the samples used for data hiding
BobJanova 20-Apr-11 13:14pm    
1. Please try to use proper English. Reading that comment hurt my brain.
2. As I said before: 'You also need to make sure that your algorithm is reversible and the data extractable without the original sound file'.
3. This doesn't seem like a good problem for the application of a GA.
Pavanrkoti 21-Apr-11 2:44am    
1. I'm sorry for my English.
2. And I'm sorry I think you did'nt understand what my problem is.
3. My algorithm is able to reverse the data for extraction, but the problem is that i have to identify the location where the data is hidden.
4. Just answer to this: "How will you trace back which samples which have be selected by GA."
BobJanova 22-Apr-11 6:26am    
Well, obviously, you need to store -something- in a fixed location, to tell the reader where the rest of the data is.
Pavanrkoti 3-May-11 4:40am    
thank u for ur feedbacks....

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