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Hello all,
I having one html table in my application.In that table I having one table row.
In that table row i am having 2
tags.In one
i am having one image with bitmap and in second
i am having one image with MS chart control.Now i want to store both the images on specific location.But i want there combined view i.e near by each other shown in Table row.So how can i achieve that?????

For that you have to store images in your solution and also you've to store string path in database...
if you are working in, take two difference Image control and bind its one property named ImageUrl with the database table...
apply css style sheet with border:none; to the image control and give the data object to your data control in page load now you can see the both images side by side without separated by border...
You have to upload file with the use of File Upload Control, this control has one method named Save(), this method you have to use to upload file when you are using this method you have to pass path in parentheses with the use of MapPath() function... like..


just give full static path in save method like...

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YOGESH DHAGE 19-Apr-11 6:21am    
Then how to store the image in the solution?????
You need to use a special folder for that.

Most typically, you need to use the path Environment.GetFolderPath(System.Environment.SpecialFolder. LocalApplicationData).
See the enumeration System.Environment.SpecialFolder for other options.


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YOGESH DHAGE 20-Apr-11 2:29am    
Thanks Friend for the answer but i want to save image files which are drawn with ".aspx" page.And I already create the folder in my application.But i don't know how
to save that image temporary and retrieve for next use.....

Thanks in Advance
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Apr-11 12:55pm    
Do you need to save an image as a file (you already got an alternative suggestion to use a database)? It is the image in the sense of a graphical image, a bitmap? Or a vector? XAML? If so, what's remaining problem? How to generate the file based on some graphical image object? If this is a problem, you should have given a type you use -- there are several different ones. Also, when a type is given, you need to tell which format do you want to use, they can also be different.

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