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Hi everyone!
I made a form which size is width:720 (the width is ok) and height:820.
How to increase the height so it can fit to a A4 paper size.
Thanks in advance

It is not for printing!The question is for stretching the form more than height:820 e.g height:1000
When the form is printed-it is printed correctly all of it but the printed elements fill the half of the A4 paper.
Updated 19-Apr-11 11:37am

Since the ratio of height to width in a portrait DIN A4 paper is the square root of 2 all you have to do to get the correct height is to multiply 720 by 1.41.

Best regards,

Nish Nishant 19-Apr-11 17:14pm
Voted 5.
Tarun.K.S 20-Apr-11 2:38am
Good answer! 5+
The screen resolution does not directly translate to paper size. It depends on how you are printing. You would have to do some scaling/stretching at that point.
pinacolada1977 19-Apr-11 17:30pm
how can that be done???
pinacolada1977 19-Apr-11 17:34pm
It's not for printing!
How can I stretch my form so it can be more than height:820 e.g height 1000!
Thank you
Nish Nishant 19-Apr-11 17:38pm
At run-time? If so, doing that won't automatically result in an A4 print. But changing the height is a mere matter of setting the Height property.
pinacolada1977 19-Apr-11 17:42pm
Not in run-time.When designing the form.
Nish Nishant 19-Apr-11 18:50pm
Uhm, just set it to the height you want it to. That's what a designer is used for.
Tarun.K.S 20-Apr-11 2:39am
Good piece of advice there. 5d
The form is not measured in inches millimeters as A4! The question makes no sense. If you want to rely upon some fixed size it won't work properly anyway. I think you need it for printing. You need to design your print document the way if fills in the page property and closely resemble the form.

Look some recommendation on resolution-tolerant design:
Zom Out malfunctions when Screen resolution changes[^],
see also:
GUI Apperance - C#.Net[^],
Code behind class implementation[^].

You need to know how to resize a Form of course :-) :

MyForm.Width = //...
MyForm.Height = //...
//   :-)

Manfred Rudolf Bihy 19-Apr-11 17:30pm
of cause -> of course
A4 is not measured in inches but in mm.
A 5 for the links though! :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Apr-11 17:48pm
Those inches! I miss normal kosher orthodox millimeters here in US! They are uses in many fields but many people are not comfortable with them, as well as grams, etc.

This is funny... I recently asked a director of PCB department to give me an arrangement of the finest density of contact features on a socked board to formulate a requirement for technology. He sent me this data with... size of a contact in mm and the pitch between them in inches! This is how these people really work...

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Apr-11 17:48pm
Thank you very much for the vote and your note, Manfred!
Tarun.K.S 20-Apr-11 2:38am
Good answer! 5d!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Apr-11 12:57pm
Thank you, Tarun.

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