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Hello all,

i have a databse in mysql named as"dbtrial" and in this database i have a table named as"test"
in test table i have only two coloumns "BranchId","BranchName" where BranchId is the primary key
i want tha every time i enter the records the BranchId field should be incremented by 1. for this i write a code which is as follows........

use dbtrial;
create procedure sp_insert5
 in branchid int(11),
in branchname varchar(50)
 select max(branchid)+1  into @branchid from test;
insert into test (branchid,branchname)
call sp_insert5(

but i got the proble when i run it

(0 row(s)affected)
(0 ms taken)

Error Code : 1062
Duplicate entry '0' for key 'PRIMARY'
(0 ms taken)

i dont want to use autoincrement.
please help me out

thanks and regard
RDBurmon 21-Apr-11 3:46am
Could you please provide me details of sp_insert5

1 solution

Two issues I can see.
1). You are trying to assign a value to an 'in' parameter. It's possible that is failing.
2). When the table is empty, the very first select is going to return a NULL value. You are not handling this situation at all. Suggest you change your select to
select max(nvl(branchid,0))+1 into ....
ahsan.subiya 20-Apr-11 8:18am
sir i have changed the query bt still there is the same error.
can u gime me the other code for the same thing

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