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How do I check to see if a network printer is online or not?

Updated 20-Apr-11 22:37pm
Oshtri Deka 21-Apr-11 3:29am
This is a valid question, it doesn't deserve vote of 1.
I agree. I voted 5, because such thing is very good to know.
Only... I recently answered this question; isn't it a re-post?
Dalek Dave 21-Apr-11 3:37am
Edited for Grammar.

Hope How to Check if your Printer is Connected, using C#[^] article from CP might help you.
Oshtri Deka 21-Apr-11 3:32am
Yep, System.Management is way to go.
Correct, agree. Now, my 5.
Dalek Dave 21-Apr-11 3:38am
Good Link.
Check this.

Printer Status in C#[^]
Oshtri Deka 21-Apr-11 3:34am
Toniyo's solution == Ramalinga's solution.
Toniyo Jackson 21-Apr-11 3:39am
Yeah. After posted my answer only i saw that. :)
Assuming the overlapped in time, my 5.
Dalek Dave 21-Apr-11 3:38am
Good Links.
Tarun.K.S 21-Apr-11 3:47am
Thanks Dalek! :)
I used one of those references. I don't want to disavow my own answer (unless it is proven wrong), so have to vote 5 here, too. This is good-to-know stuff.

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