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I would like to read datas from a GDB file, but I found only 1 dll which allows this to me, and that is[^]

But actually this isn't for free, and that's the problem for me.

I tried to make a connection:
OleDbConnection con = new OleDbConnection("Provider=what to write here?;" +
                                      "data source=path;" +
                                      "ctype=win1251;user id=SYSDBA;password=masterkey");

But I don't know what to write to Provider.
Is there any other way to read from a GDB file?

1 solution

It's unlikely that you'll find a free DLL for this. Even the paid one you mentioned above may not be sufficient. Why exactly do you want to parse it directly?

Here's a related thread:[^]

I don't think that code there will work without your having the required provider DLLs though.
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velvet7 21-Apr-11 15:11pm    
Well, I have downloaded this one, and installed. Now there's another problem:
source code:
string path = "provider=sibprovider;location=D:\\test.GDB; user id=SYSDBA;password=masterkey";
OleDbConnection con = new OleDbConnection(path);
Now when I debug it throws an exception:
OleDbException: "unavailable database"
Patrick Kalkman 21-Apr-11 15:35pm    
Here on CodeProject there is an article about connecting to Interbase from c# Maybe it will help.
velvet7 22-Apr-11 2:43am    
Thank you Patrick, it works. Now how should I give you the points?:)

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